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Top 10 Things To Do In Milos

MilosTop 10 Things To Do In Milos

Top 10 Things To Do In Milos

A list made by locals

Making this list we thought of everything that makes us smile when thinking of Milos island. Join us into exploring some of our most favorite parts of it!

1. Taste the local products

Salty Rides - Taste the local productsCherry tomatoes, Armenian cucumbers, figs, melons, watermelons, grapes, caper and more. The Milean fields produce fruits and vegetables so irresistibly tasteful mainly because of a simple reason: lack of water. As controversial as this may sound, these plants grow without watering, keeping all the deliciousness condensed inside. Milos is a volcanic island and this means that its volcanic soil has the ability to hold the water, fueling the roots with as much as needed to survive, no more. And the locals have found brilliant ways to combine them all into delicious treats. Ladenia (traditional vegan pizza with cherry tomatoes, onions and oil), peltes (tomato paste made with sun-dried tomatoes- unbelievably delicious) spread onto oiled bread slices, watermelon pie – are only a few of the many local recipes. You can find them in bakeries, traditional product stores and some restaurants. Or, just get to know the locals and they will treat you with all their heart. Do not forget to try Milean bee honey (monumentally aromatic) and the local cheese varieties.

2. Take a boat tour to Kleftiko & Poliegos

Milos is mostly known for its amazing beaches, so it makes great sense to take a boat tour in order to see as much as possible of the island coastline. One of the most popular locations in the whole island is definitely Kleftiko, the natural wonder which is one the bucket list of many travelers around the world. In a few words, it contains a unique topography which takes a twist on the definition of “beach”. Located in the southwest part of the island, the natural caves in the crystal-clear waters were used as hideouts by pirates in the Aegean around the 1800s. The rock formations and breathtaking views are approachable via boat only.  You can choose a boat tour to Kleftiko like this one, or combine it with a visit to the best of Poliegos and Kimolos like this one, thoroughly exploring the area and extracting its most mesmerizing qualities.

3. Visit the only winery of Milos 

Salty Rides - Visit the only winery of Milos

Konstantakis winery is the only winery on the island. It is located in Pollonia village and it is built underground into a cave carved on the rock, creating an eccentric and mystical environment. The family-owned winery produces wines from grapes cultivated in the Milean land, in fields just behind the winery. Visiting the winery is a fun and educating activity for everybody, and it is not affected by bad weather, so put it on your list with things to do during windy days on the island! If you want to try Konstantakis wines, you can combine your boat tour with fine wine tasting on board with Salty Rides. See more here.

4. Take a walk to Klima Village

Aside from the Traditional Cycladic architecture which is visible everywhere throughout the island, another “phenomenon” is the so called Sirmata fishing villages. A prime example of such a fishing village is Klima. The place is comprised of the said “buildings”, small cottages into volcanic rocks and directly next to the sea, their main purpose having been storing fishing boats to protect them from the winter weather. Nowadays only a few remain with their old purpose, most have been turned into unique residencies. But what makes Klima unique, is the colorful palette of the Sirmata doors. Red, bright yellow, lime and sky blue, altogether they form the perfect background for your summer photo memories in Milos.

5. Swim in the Thermal Waters of Paliochori

At the south coast of Milos, there is this mesmerizing colorful beach, one of the ideal locations on Milos island for a swim in the summer. The beach is colorful, red, yellow, white, green. The colors that surround the beach are a result of volcanic origin. A mixture of sulfur and the volcanic activity paint the bottom of the sea golden, while the rocks that lie around have red-to-yellow-to-green-to-white shades. The volcanic characteristic is also profound in the water, which in places rises in temperature, or forms springs boiling from the seabed resulting in steam bubbles. Wear your snorkeling mask and get a close view! Read more about other thermal water spots of Milos here.

6. Go Scuba Diving

Salty Rides - Go Scuba diving

The Aegean sea bottom can offer thrill and excitement to those who enjoy exploring the world underwater. There are several spots around Milos & Kimolos worth visiting and the silent life underneath will grip you. Shipwrecks (suitable only for very experienced divers), caves, rocks formed by the volcanic power are everywhere around Milos waters. Wonderful spots with different colorful fish and other sea life, will give you the chance for an underwater photo. Especially the triangle formed by Milos, Kimolos and Poliegos is surprisingly beautiful. Scuba diving activities for beginners and for experienced divers are offered at diving centers in Adamantas and in Pollonia.

7. Discover the rich past of Milos

Milos island is not only about the beaches. It has been an important place for Greek history in various different periods of time. In one of the most alluring museums, the Archaeological museum (photo) located in Plaka, you can find a copy of Venus de Milo and learn more about the statue that was found on the island. Another very interesting one is the Mining museum of Milos, which aims to educate visitors on the island’s rich mining history and provide recognition to the people that have worked towards developing the island’s mineral growth. And the Catacombs, an Early Christian monument, is a huge underground network utilized as a resting/burial place or Christian church, or hideout by Christians who sought to avoid persecution in older times. Brimming with inscriptions and a distinct location due to the volcanic rock it was built into, the site is a trigger of interest to all that want to experience the spiritual side of the beautiful island.

8. Kayak to Tsigrado beach

Salty Rides - Kayak to Tsigrado beach

For those who get easily bored sunbathing at the beach all day, there is kayaking. You can rent yours from Firiplaka beach and kayak to Tsigrado beach. The route
is fascinating and you will enjoy it to the maximum paddling along the
coastline. Approaching Tsigrado beach from the sea with a kayak or a boat tour you avoid the strenuous (and a little dangerous) descend to the beach on foot using a rope and a wooden ladder, which is the only way there from land.

9. Evening swim at Sarakiniko

Salty Rides - Evening swim at Sarakiniko

Perhaps the most popular spot on the island, Sarakiniko is always crowded during summer days. Tourists gather at the white sharp cliffs to take a photo in front of the moonlike background, or to dive in the cold dark blue water underneath. Early in the morning or late in the evening the crowd is significantly smaller. Visiting Sarakiniko in the evening has a lot more to offer: you avoid the Greek summer heat (the reflection of the sun on the white rocks can be tiresome), you can enjoy the scenery without others around, and, if the timing is right, you can have a swim during the golden hour of the Milean sunset – the colors reflected on the water can be breathtaking.

10. Chill out at a bar overlooking the port 

Salty Rides - Chill out at a bar overlooking the port

This is the way the locals choose to end their day with: sitting at the outdoor of one of the bars at Adamas, a glass of beer or wine at hand, gazing at the evening ferries coming and going in the port. Most of the bars are located right across the port with a complete view of all the Adamas bay. And there is one for every taste: from funky and beat club-bars which play loud international and Greek music, to small and quiet bars with soft jazz or rock playing softly in the background.