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Captain & Head of all things


Since I can remember, I was on a boat exploring the sea. I grew up in Milos & I have come back home to follow my passion for boats and the sea. I love being your skipper and storyteller. Enjoy the salt on your skin and the wind in your hair. We will take care of everything else!
Salty Rides - Manolis, Captain & Head of all things



Salty Rides - Michalis, Captain & Tech ninja

Captain & Tech ninja


I love the sea, so I chose to follow my passion. My own mentality is fun and playful. You will fall in love with our boats. The speed is thrilling, gets us all invigorated and excited!

Impressions director


I help bring new ideas on board and make sure our services meet top quality standards. Attention to detail is what makes us different. Forget the world around and indulge in the most natural wellness retreat, the Aegean Sea!
Salty Rides - Athina, Impressions director



Salty Rides - Μatthias, Captain & time-keeping supervisor

Captain & time-keeping supervisor


I make sure every journey is not just a tour, but an unforgettable experience. come aboard for an adventure of a lifetime!