Salty Rides Fleet - Freedom Boat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RIB?

RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat. It is an innovative type of fast boat. The body of a rib boat consists of a rigid hull bottom and a high-pressure air collar on top. The collar is made of tubes divided in many compartments for extra safety, and it works as a "life-vest" for the boat maintaining the boat's buoyance even if it takes on water. The air tube collar makes the boat more stable, lightweight, fast and seaworthy compared to a traditional hard-hull powerboat. RIBs became so popular because they are virtually unsinkable, being able to handle any circumstance at sea. 

Comfortable: In tough weather the air tubes will provide better shock absorption than any other type of boat. The passengers will be able to enjoy the tough ride from the sofas and also be safer than on a conventional boat, as there are no hard surfaces one could hit onto in case of a misstep.

Fast: Being more lightweight and able to work with most powerful motors, RIBs can be very fast, without compromising the safety of the passengers. 

Energy saving: Compared to traditional hard hull boats, RIBs can reach the same speed using less power, because of their lightweight design. This means that with the same amount of gas we have a bigger range and consume less energy, keeping our footprint to the environment lower.

Is RIB cruising safe?

The hard hull combined with the air tube collar of a RIB makes it safe at high speeds and very much stable in rough conditions. The collar will absorb the wave shock better than any other boat, making the ride more comfortable. Also, the many departments the air tube is divided to ensure its buoyancy under any tough case. Nevertheless, we always check the weather before embarking for a trip, and at strong winds we will propose alternative routes, having your comfort as our main concern.

Can I rent the boat without captain?

Unfortunately not, our policy dictates that the boat is only to be rent with a Salty Rides captain. This rule ensures the passengers’ and boat’s integrity, and the Salty Rides level of services.

Are the tours private?

Our policy is to offer exclusively private boat tours. So, you can enjoy your time on board only with your group! In case that an event is organized by Salty Rides that is open to the public, this will be distinctively mentioned and highlighted beforehand.

What will happen in case of bad weather on the day of my tour?

Strong winds is a common phenomenon of the Cycladic islands! Our skippers are very skilled and experienced enough to judge if a route is safe and comfortable for the passengers. Read more about what are the options in case of bad weather here.

How many people can take part in a Salty Rides private boat tour?

We can host groups up to 8 people on board. Skipper is always included in Salty Rides tours.

Are kids allowed?

There is no law restriction about the age of the passengers. We have hosted children on board several times in the past and it has always been an amazing experience for them! We are always happy to have groups with kids on our tours. See more about our family friendly services under "Privacy & Hospitality" section here. Also, you can choose to add the kid friendly pack extra to your boat tour, which will offer you and your family more relaxation and fun. Nevertheless, the conditions on an open type boat (sun, wind, etc.) can be tiring for children under 2 years old, so in this case we would suggest that you choose a shorter tour of 4.5 hours. Contact us to design the tour that fits your needs.

Can I customize my trip and to what extend?

Salty Rides can accommodate any wishes under arrangement. We run exclusively private boat tours and this means that the tour will be fully customized to your needs, with your safety and comfort coming always first. We can arrange the date, meeting time, meeting point, duration and route according to what best suits you. Also, we can host any event you wish to have on board. (See more here)

Is there first aid provision on the boats?

Our skippers are trained in first aid and hold a Rescue Training International certificate. The boats are equipped with the law required medical supplies, which are renewed regularly. 

Can you pick me up from my hotel?

If you desire to be picked up from your hotel instead of meeting us at the port, this is also possible. If your hotel offers a dock, we can pick you up with our powerboat right on the spot! If not, a minivan can be arranged to transfer you at the closest dock.

Will we have liquor on board?

A selection of free drinks and beverages per person will be available for you on board. If you wish to make your day even more interesting you can choose our premium drinking or wine tasting!

Are pets allowed?

Pets are generally allowed on board. Whether one should bring a pet along on a boat tour or a boat transfer depends on whether the pet feels comfortable travelling with a speedboat or not. The conditions on board (sun, wind and salt water) can be irritating for some animals. If your pet is fine with this, then it is more than welcome! Please let us know beforehand in case you will be accompanied by your pet.

Is power boat cruising suitable for pregnant women?

During a cruising trip, there is always a chance that some unexpected turbulences may occur. Although this constitutes absolutely no danger for anybody on board, it may – depending on the pregnancy state – cause some issue to a pregnant woman. For this, you should always consult your medical consultant before deciding to take part. It is generally not recommended for women in pregnancy to join power boat cruises.

Is there a toilet on board?

Our boats are large powerboats without cabin, but they all have a toilet. Having said that, keep in mind that a toilet on a boat of that size is not as comfortable as the one we usually find on land. 

What is a sea scooter?

The sea scooter is a battery powered device with propellers, which can pull one on the water or under the surface of the water. Really fun sea toy for all ages!

Do the boats have shade?

Our boats are large powerboats without cabins and come with a hard top in the middle, which partly covers the boat. During stops removable shade can be installed in seconds to cover the entire boat, front & back.