Kleftiko – Sikia boat tour

Kleftiko – Sikia boat tour

Salty Rides - Kleftiko Tour
Let us show you around South Milos, Sikia cave, Kleftiko and more! This tour explores the part of Milos island where the most must-see places are located. Wind protected and with low height waves, the south coast is ideal for a seamless ride between unique #instaphoto spots! And the captain will reveal to you his favorite secret spot – a surprise waits for you there!

Tour highlights

Kleftiko: The signature spot of Milos, Kleftiko is a unique testimony of nature’s ability for otherworldly creations. It is a cluster of volcanic white rocks that emerge from the crystalline waters of the Aegean. Its natural caves and hideouts, only accessible by boat, were used as lairs by the Aegean pirates!

Sykia: a large cave with a large hole looking at the sky, accessible only from water. Only agile boats, such as a Salty Rides’  powerboat, can enter the cave. Its name means “fig tree” and comes from a tree that hangs over the opening at the top!

The secret spot with the leopard-like bottom: a white sand bay with turquoise waters, and a magical pattern on its bottom, ehich is never the same! It is made by the volcanic activity underneath and you can see it either by snorkeling, or at the drone footage of your day. Join us and discover new places like this!


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01. Privacy & Hospitality

Our tours are always exclusively private and 5-star Greek hospitality is our asset. We want you to feel free to enjoy the tour with your group.
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02. Digital media

We promise that you will feel so relaxed that you'll forget to capture the moment.
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03. Sea toys

Find again your inner child! We like enjoying the sea to the maximum. That is why we have brought onboard quality sea toys
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04. Snacks & Drinks

We choose to eat locally grown products, and the same we choose for our guests!
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05. Welcome kit

The only thing you should bring, is your swimsuit and your fun vibes! When designing each tour, we think of every detail.
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Tour Details

  • 5h or 8h ride
  • Departure 09:00 or 15:00 from Pollonia, Milos island (under agreement)


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Kleftiko – Sikia

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30, Apr, 2021