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Find yourself on your private powerboat, resting on your soft towel, the boat slightly rocking, music playing, with a chilled cocktail at hand, after a day full of new images and sensations. Stepping barefoot on the sun warmed wooden floor of the boat, you feel the warmth flowing into your soul. You may decide to take the sea scooters for a ride to explore the magic seabed, or SUP away and find your inner peace in the serene bays. When you get hungry, you’ll find a #foodexperience snack waiting for you. If you are an adrenaline lover, wait until we ride off to the next destination and feel the speed. And if you can’t wait to share your day with your friends, you can post live on social! Going back home, the drone and action camera footage of your day that we’ll send you, will keep you wanting more!


01. Privacy & Hospitality


iloxenia (gr: φιλοξενία) is a word coming from ancient Greece, where Zeus - being the God of hospitality among others - dictated that one should always warmly welcome visitors and offer gifts to them before leaving. Our tours are always exclusively Private so that we can pamper all the needs of our guests in the best way. We want you to feel free and enjoy the tour only with your group. During check-in we salute you onboard with a gift: a welcome kit and fresh towels you can take home! Also, if you get cold later on, we provide windproof jackets. The captain will be your expert storyteller and local guide. He is a local who has travelled these seas a lot, and he will share with you all the tips, secret spots, and his favorite places.

Our boat tours are the first choice for family activities. We are kid friendly: special hosting services, child life vests, kid friendly sea toys and food choices made with care for children. Also pets are allowed (see more about pets).


Captain always included, fresh towels, windproof jackets, life vests, toiletry



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Our Services

02. Digital Fun


e promise that you will be so amazed by the scenery that you will wish you had another pair of hands to take photos. But don't worry, we have you covered! We fly our drone to the most amazing spots and capture your most memorable moments from above. Also, an action camera is always at your disposal to take underwater photos of all the miracles you will discover. Also, there is music on board! We have our own breezy playlists, but you can bring yours, or connect your device to our system and enjoy. After the tour you will receive a complementary video of your tour edited by our partner videographer. All raw footage will be sent to you by email. Follow our Instagram account @salty.rides and share your photos #saltyrides.


Drone photos & videos, action camera, free WiFi and music on board

Our Services

03. Sea Toys


ind again your inner child! For those who like to enjoy the sea to the maximum we have brought onboard quality sea toys you can play with and explore around. Snorkeling with a full-face mask and high quality fins above a magic sea world at Kleftiko or Poliegos is a must experience. At Gerakas beach you can also see the thermal waters in action, bubbling undersea. With the Sea Scooters you can control your own speed and feel like a dolphin going in and out of the water. And if you like to indulge in the serenity of the scenery, take the SUP and paddle away to mindfulness, while exploring caves near Tsigrado beach. All equipment is washed with soapy water and sanitized after each tour. Also there is sanitizing gel to clean it yourself it before use.


Sea toys, SUP, sea scooter, full-face masks & fins of all sizes, cleaning before and after

Sea Toys


Eat like a local

04. Drinks & Food choices


e offer healthy Milean & islandic food choices to keep you running through the day, freshly made each morning by moms of Milos. The products we use are locally grown and used fresh from the field, saving emissions and lowering our carbon footprint. The recipes are authentically traditional, vegetarian, and aim to refuel you enough to keep exploring. You will find "ladenia" pies, "pitarakia", traditional Cretan salads and more, depending on the month. When we have a seasonal product we use it! Watermelon pie when watermelons are at their best, or zucchini pie at its season. Accompany our snacks with a glass of delicious Greek wine or a cocktail! With our farm-to-boat philosophy we support our local community & producers who provide us with the most tasteful food. And you enjoy local pies, salads, fruits, and more plant-based recipes. If you follow a specific diet, let us know and we will provide custom snacks for you. If you wish to have lunch, consider our Lunch on Board extra service, or a stop at a seaside restaurant can be organized.


Variety of food choices which will keep you fueled all day, one bottle of Greek wine, water, beers and cocktails per person. Special diet requests accepted.