Kimolos – Poliegos boat tour

Kimolos – Poliegos boat tour

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Explore the unique uninhabited island of Poliegos and visit the best places around Kimolos with this pre-designed tour.
We ride from Milos to the well-known Blue bay of Poliegos, to Mersini unique bay. If you choose to ride with us for a whole day, we will also show you to the lighthouse of Poliegos which, if you dare to hike to it, will reward you with an amazing view of the Aegean. We will visit the best spots of picturesque Kimolos, the name of which stays true to its color, chalk! White houses, sunny white sand beaches and bright blue waters will leave you speechless. And the captain will reveal to you another unexpected secret, a fjord!

Tour highlights

Blue bay: A paradise awaits for you here! This spot is usually loaded with private international yachts, and for a good reason: its waters with their unusual light color along with the loneliness of the land, make a scenery ideal for relaxation!
Lighthouse of Poliegos: The boat slowly reaches & anchors at the secluded beach of Faros (lighthouse in Greek). You jump into the shallow clear water and reach to the sand. From here, your walking shoes in the dry bag along with a bottle of water and a camera, is all you need to reach the lonely lighthouse and take a look at the more-than-180° rewarding view!
Soufi bay: At the uninhabited North of Kimolos, not easily seen from sea and not reachable from land, Soufi will steal your heart! Serene, protected from the wind, this little bay has only one small boat house and a few trees and is usually not crowded as only a few dare to reach the north of Kimolos!


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01. Privacy & Hospitality

Our tours are always exclusively private and 5-star Greek hospitality is our asset. We want you to feel free to enjoy the tour with your group.
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02. Digital media

We promise that you will feel so relaxed that you'll forget to capture the moment.
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03. Sea toys

Find again your inner child! We like enjoying the sea to the maximum. That is why we have brought onboard quality sea toys
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04. Snacks & Drinks

We choose to eat locally grown products, and the same we choose for our guests!
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Tour Details

  • 5h or 8h ride
  • Departure 09:00 or 15:00 from Pollonia, Milos island (under agreement)


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Kimolos - Poliegos boat tour

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30, Apr, 2021