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Wine Tasting on Board

Combine one of our full day boat tours with fine wine tasting. Take a taste of local Milean wines from the only winery of the island, Konstantakis cave winery. Only indigenous Greek grape varieties are cultivated in the winery vineyard at the north of Milos and vinified in this traditional cave winery. Assyrtiko, Mandilaria, Roditis, Mavrotragano are some of the varieties you will taste. We have chosen the best ones to offer you on board! You will discover four top-class Greek wines of Milos island and you will pair them with a platter of traditional snacks.


Group size: max 4 people (min. drinking age is 18y)
Combine: with full day (8 hour) tours
Duration & Place: 1 hour, at a secluded bay along the route


  1. Four different Konstantakis wine varieties
  2. Local traditional snacks (artisanal cheese varieties, local spreads, rusks) selected to complement the wines
  3. 5 star quality service. Learn more about each wine as you take a sip
  4.  The wines are yours! You can continue drinking on board or take them with you

Price of service

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What makes it special

  • An excusive experience only for a few
  • Get to know the taste of Milos through its wines, made from grapes grown in Milos
  • The three ingredients that make the best memories: the sea, good company and good wine!

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