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Beaches around Milos plus a Hidden Gem!

MilosBeaches around Milos plus a Hidden Gem!
Salty Rides -Beaches around Milos plus a Hidden Gem!

Beaches around Milos plus a Hidden Gem!

The island of Milos is home to so many beautiful beaches all around and nearby the isle!
Accompanied by the islands of Kimolos and Poliegos many alluring, possible destinations exist, most of them only accessible by boat. As there are many possible choices as to how you can spend your days in Milos, we here comprise a small list of beaches that are appealing to the eyes and even more so up-close. To visit most of the options in our list a boat is much needed, thankfully for that we provide exclusive powerboat tours that cover a wide range of locations through and through. For now, we will be focusing on the North side, a tour to Poliegos and Kimolos as their key element along their respective “must-visit spots”, but not without mentioning a few destinations found in the South part of Milos.

1. Kleftiko

Salty Rides -Beaches around Milos, Kleftiko Beach

All agree that Kleftiko along with Sarakiniko is the most visited spot of the island. Signature white-washed rocks modified to their otherworldly shape with the help of the sea and its waves, it is a prime location for anyone visiting. Thanks to the erosion of the volcanic rock and its history as an old pirate’s lair, it has become a mesmerizing beach worth of the attention it gets. From cliff diving up to relaxing on the rocky areas and snorkeling explorations, there are many activities that one can enjoy. While approaching from the sea and traversing around the formations the view is so engaging that you will have to take your phone out for some photos!

2. Tsigrado

One of the beaches which are accessible by both foot and boat is Tsigrado. With white sand and vast turquoise waters, it is a secluded bay which is far more enjoyable via boat. Even though it is reachable via foot, the truth is that a small wooden ladder and a rope have to be used to actually reach it! Surrounded by rocky cliffs that add to the picturesque element, it contains small caves for exploring. All in all as a concealed beach it offers peace and quiet to the visitor despite its “tricky” entrance, though a visit via boat offers a more thorough encounter.

3. Kalamitsi/ Bonatsa

An idyllic scenery, a junction between two bays and traditional good food. These are some of the chief elements found in the “conjoined” beaches of Bonatsa and Kalamitsi. While the name Kalamitsi is actually the name for the area around the two bays, one is a sand shallow beach which is ideal for children and the other one is a vast beach with attractive waters and golden sand. If needed, the tavern located nearby the beaches is ideal as it contains traditional food and tastes fitting to the scenery.

4. Prassa

Perfectly clear and vivid blue waters as well as the accessible location are the main reason Prassa is considered, arguably, to be the most beautiful beach of the island of Kimolos. In recent years the destination has become more organized and is actually equipped with some umbrellas and sunbeds for your leisure. Located in the northeast side of the isle, its white sand points out to the white rocks where chalk derives from. After all that is where the island’s name originates from. (Kimolia in Greek translates to chalk, thus the name Kimolos)

5. Soufi (Souphi)

A wind-protected picturesque bay found in the northern side of the isle of Kimolos. As another addition of secluded spots to the list, this bay is only accessible via boat, thus it is a must-visit for anyone seeking out a relaxing and peaceful setting. Even though it has become popular to sailboats and yachts it still remains one of our favorite destinations solely thanks to its charming environment and calm waters.

6. Mersini Bay

Poliegos is a known uninhabited island near Milos and it is home to many captivating sites, one of them being Mersini Bay. Forming a small bay, it is a white beach with rock and shallow waters surrounding it, requiring only a skilled captain in order to enjoy the rewarding view and all it has to offer. Surrounded by an untouched rocky environment, combined with the wild beauty present in the isle and the overall unique position of the beach, the result is a memorable view for anyone visiting!

7. Hidden Gem (Faros)

Taking the last place in our list is our hidden gem, which is the Lighthouse (Faros) of Poliegos!
This isolated beach actually contains trees due to it being home to a small river nearby. As one would imagine, this beach is only accessible via boat while the wild beauty of the island is vibrant throughout the area. The key feature other than the enticing waters, is the Lighthouse of Poliegos, where on a day with clear weather one can even see the nearby islands Sifnos and Folegandros! This must-see gem (Faros) is found just a twenty-minute hike from the beach and it offers an ideal view from the top to anyone willing to visit!