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Thermal water spots around Milos

MilosThermal water spots around Milos

Thermal water spots around Milos

Milos island – as well as its neighboring Kimolos and Poliegos – is geologically wealthy. A mixture of the renowned volcanic environment and the geothermal activity of certain areas generate small thermal springs in abundance.

Loutra of Adamas” is recognized for its importance and it contains small pools built by local authorities, but which are not yet open to the public. The establishment is located in Adamas, right across the island’s port.

Several more spots with geothermic energy are situated around the island at various locations.  At the Thermal Springs of Alykes, found near Adamas (Kanava region) and very close to the island’s airport, the activity is high and the phenomenon is clearly and easily spotted. Much preferred by locals for its comfy spa-like relaxing sensation, this area has visitors all year round. See the video below to take a taste!

With our private boat tours we always suggest to our guests to visit the tiny thermal spots at Paliochori and Gerakas beaches, when we tour the southern part of the island towards Kleftiko! There are no labels indicating the spots, so if you do not know where it is it’s fairly easy to miss it. After all, the action is underwater! Not known to many, chances are we will enjoy our time there without a crowd. Painting the bottom of the sea gold, the volcanic activity produces a unique scenery to accompany the remarkable phenomenon, marking the surroundings of each beach with vibrant colors and generating high temperatures all year round. The water is welcoming and the gas bubbles formed from the seabed will be tickling your feet, as you take extra care not to step directly on their source. It may be steaming hot. Grab your mask and come along to explore!