Upgrade your Salty day

Premium Drinking

Are you a quality drinker and you do not miss a chance to spoil yourself with a fine drink? You can combine your boat tour with an upgraded liquor stash on board. Our bespoke list of finest liquors will satisfy even the most demanding drinkers and give to your memories a sophisticated taste!


Group size: max 4 people (min. drinking age is 18y)
Combine: with half or full day tours
Duration: not set


  1. A first-class drinks selection available for you on board. Quality champagne, signature cocktails, and spirits. Detailed list available on request.
  2. Local traditional snacks to nibble along.

Price of Service

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What makes it special

  • Do not miss the chance to enjoy your favorite drink at the most unique sceneries like Kleftiko and Sarakiniko!
  • You can also choose to have your favorite drink on board, even if not on our list

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