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Destination Milos

What is Milos island famous for?

The impressive beaches: With over 70 different beaches, Milos island is worldwide popular as a summertime destination. Sarakiniko is probably the most iconic among them, with is white volcanic rocks which carve a moonlike scenery. Its rival spot on the island is of course Kleftiko, a small oasis of rock formations scattered in the sea, with the trademark rock shaped like a huge M. Thanks to the erosion of the volcanic rock and its history as an old pirate’s lair, it has become a mesmerizing destination, worthy of the attention it gets.

The colorful beach-by buildings (sirmata): Milos is also recognizable for the colorful fishing villages by the sea. The small cottages carved into volcanic rocks and directly next to the sea have rainbow colored wooden doors, used to have as main purpose the storing of fishing boats to protect them from the winter weather. Nowadays only a few remain with their old purpose, most have been turned into unique residencies. They are called “Sirmata” and the most representative ones are found in Klima village.

The dazzling sunsets: Not only Santorini is famous for its astonishing sunset. The view from Panagia Korfiatissa at Plaka during sunset is rivalling the one of Oia. As the sun goes down, take a look at cape Vani at the other side of the island, and Antimilos, the islet west of Milos, as they gradually disappear in the lilac-colored sky. Other spots with awesome sunset view are Klima village and beaches like Plathiena or Triades and Agios Ioannis at the west side of Milos island.

The volcanic environment: Small thermal springs, white-rock moonlike beaches, colorful mines. All these are the result of the action of the island volcanoes, found at the southern part, near Agia Kyriaki beach. There is no recent action and the volcanoes are considered inactive, but their presence is what makes the island so unique. There are different volcanic rock formations on the island, with obsidian being the most iconic among them. The many mines on the island extract (or used to) perlite, bentonite, baryte, sulfur, kaolin, pozzolan, etc.

Destination Milos

What is there to see with a boat tour around Milos?

Milos island’s coastline is so full of beaches, bays, caves, formations that we would need whole books to describe them. If you would decide to explore every one of them you would need days to go around the island. Here are some highlights:
Kleftiko, the number one attraction of Milos, is only visited by boat. Hundreds of travelers visit it every day during summer and the large M-shaped rock has been photographed a million times. Take your snorkeling equipment and discover everything around. Right next to it, Sikia cave completes the awesome experience. With a Salty Rides powerboat you can go inside and swim under the open roof, or rest for a while at the tiny beach inside the cave.
Apart from Kleftiko, also all of the southern side of the island is full of various different places that you can only see by boat. Gerakas beach, Sulfur mines, Gerondas beach are just some of the top ones we love to go to!
West Milos has to offer secluded places with amazing sunset views, like Kalogries, Ammoudaraki, Triades, Agios Ioannis‘ three consecutive beaches. Long cloistered beaches, ideal for SUP or snorkel sessions with your loved ones. One can also go there by an off-road car, but the road is long and very difficult.
East Milos is not so much advertised, but the places found there will go right into your heart. Like a forgotten world, they are worthy of your attention. Kastanas beach with red colored rocks, and Tria Pigadia beach, not discovered by large tourist crowds, should be part of your Milos exploration plan.
Last but not least, the famous Sarakiniko can also be visited from the sea. The alternative viewpoint is not known by many, but as beautiful as the view from the land.

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How do you get around Milos?

The island is the 5th larger island in Cyclades and has the shape of a horseshoe featuring in the middle one of the largest natural ports in Greece, Adamantas port. It is a large island, with only a small part of it in the north and east side being inhabited. If you plan to visit more than one of its fantastic beaches, you will need a means of transportation on or off shore. The bus will take you from village to village and to a few of the beaches like Paliochori or Firiplaka. In order to visit all the other astonishing places Milos has to offer, you can either rent a car from the numerous agencies on the island, or take a private transfer. There are private transfers and tours by van on the land or by boat. There are many places worth visiting which are only approachable from the sea, so a boat tour is a must for every visitor of Milos!

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When to come to Milos?

In Milos there is always something to do and see! From May to October the island is ideal for those seeking true Greek summer and want to enjoy beach hopping and sunbathing. Especially during October, the island is more quiet, the sea is warm and the temperature is still pleasant making it the ideal time to visit. From November to April the temperature on the land and in the water gradually drops but there are many who swim all year long. During these
months the island turns green and this is the ideal time for hiking to the many available trails, mainly of geological interest. The climate of Milos is very mild and pleasant. Most of the days are sunny, even during winter! In the winter the temperature rarely falls below 10°C and in the summer the barrier of 32°C is not often broken. What is typical of the Cyclades islands is the wind. Meltemi winds are the strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea, which blow from
about mid-May to mid-September. Usually they will last for 1-2 days per time and will cause high waves in the North side of the island. These are ideal for windsurfers, who always embrace the opportunity to surf at Achivadolimni beach.

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How to come to Milos Island?

Milos island has an airport which serves domestic flights only, connecting the island with Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. There is no connection to international airports yet. During summer there are several flights per day provided by various airlines. During winter the number of flights per week is cut-down to one per day. The flight from Athens to Milos is around 25mins long.
There is always the choice of coming to Milos by boat. During summer the ferry ride from Athens to Milos can last from 3,5 hours to 7 hours depending on the ferry chosen. Some ferries come directly to Milos and others stop to nearby islands like Sifnos and Serifos.

Santorini to Milos: The fastest way to travel to Milos from Santorini is by helicopter. The duration is only 30mins, meaning that you can come to Milos island only for a boat tour and return back to Santorini, if this better suits your schedule. Another way to and from Santorini is by boat. There are two choices: either by ferry or by boat transfer. During summer there are usually two or three ferries connecting Milos and Santorini, some faster than the others. The trip can last from 2.5 to 5 hours depending on the chosen ferry. Transfer by boat is much faster and more convenient. With Salty Rides transfer you can be to Oia Santorini in 1 hour and 40 mins. 

What’s the nightlife like in Milos?

The nightlife of Milos is mostly relaxed and easy-going. There are plenty of restaurants, grill houses and taverns, some of them offering live music during evening. In many of the cafés of the island you can watch the sunset while enjoying a drink, like Utopia cafe in Plaka. An ice-cream at the gelateries of Adamantas is a must before
going for a drink! Try Paradosiaka Edesmata in Adamantas, or Aggeliki gelaterie. And later on, at Adamantas you will find several options to continue your night. There are clubs with dance music where you can dance under the night sky, places with chill summer music to drink a cocktail, and quiet bars which will inspire you for long philosophical conversations overlooking the traffic of the port.

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