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Your Custom Tour

Your Custom Tour

Your Custom Tour

Together we can design the best day of your vacation. You choose your favorite destinations, and we travel for as long as you like, at any hour of the day or even host your event on board! We will be there to guide you among the options and advise you about the best spots, what you can do or see at each one, and more. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable boat trip customized to your needs. We can accommodate any special wishes upon request and will cater of every detail. Browse among the options below and get inspired, or contact us and let us guide you.

Your Custom Tour


Choose the DURATION of your tour. Think about how many hours you would like to spend at sea exploring. 4.5 hours may be ideal if you want to take a quick taste, but in 8 hours you have enough time to relax, forget the world, and discover a new one on board. 

i) Half day tour | up to 4½ hours: Usually we spend 1 hour cruising and 3½ hours relaxing, eating, drinking and exploring the sea world. It is recommended to begin either at 09:00 for a morning boat tour, or at 15:00 for an afternoon boat tour.

ii) Full day tour | up to 8 hours: A full-day tour means around 2½ hours cruising, leaving 5½ hours for fun. We usually begin our full day tours at 10:00, but this is up to you.

iii) Multi-day island-hopping tour: Satisfy your inner traveler with fascinating island hopping! We make all accommodation and on-land arrangements for your trip. 



Your Custom Tour


We can take you to any island of the Cyclades. See our proposals below and choose which ones you would like to visit. Keep in mind that a powerboat is faster than sailboats or traditional boats. That means you can visit two or more islands in one day. This is what we do in the pre-designed Three Islands Boat Tour.
& rest of CYCLADES

Your Custom Tour

Pick-Up Point

With our fast and flexible rib boats we can approach places that other boats cannot. Tell us where you would like to meet us and we will make it happen. 

Adamas or Pollonia: We can meet you at Adamas port or Pollonia marina

Your hotel: We can pick you up from your hotel with our boat, if there is accessibility from sea. If not, we can arrange a luxury mini-van for your transfer.

Anywhere in Cyclades: We can pick you up from anywhere around Cyclades with our boat. That’s the beauty of a powerboat!



Your Custom Tour


Choose your gastronomy experience:
We offer you fresh local snacks on board, as part of our standard services in every tour. This means local vegetarian pizza, small “pitarakia” pies, seasonal fruits, etc. See more here.
But, you can always choose to have a proper served Lunch on Board. We will stop at the perfect location, set up the table for you, and let you enjoy your restaurant prepared meal with the most stunning and unique view. Another option is to dine at a fine restaurant before your tour ends, or take a light seafood lunch at a seaside tavern in the middle of your day. Let us know and we will make the reservation for you & take you there on time.

*Cost of restaurant not included in final price.

Your Custom Tour

Transfers and Events

Choose the fastest way to travel between Greek islands and pamper yourself with an invigorating ride, while we take you to your destination quickly & comfortably. Transfers can take place within Cyclades or to/from Athens.

Host your private event on board. Get inspired from our suggestions below or tell us your idea and we will make it happen!

○ Honeymoon
○ Corporate events
○ Bachelor parties
○ Wedding proposals & anniversaries
○ Wedding transfers
○ Wedding photography
○ Promotional photo shooting


I design my day

Things to know

  • In a half-day (4½ hours) boat tour there is enough time to discover the most popular treasures of our islands. For example, you can tour to the top places in southern Milos, including Kleftiko, Gerakas as well as Sikia cave. Our powerboats are fast enough! You will avoid the crowds and enjoy the sea, being back in time to spend the rest of your day on land.
  • The full-day (8 hours) boat tour will be the best day of your vacation! There is time to explore one or two islands (like Kimolos & Poliegos) or visit all three islands. There is also time for lunch at a traditional tavern at a secluded beach of Kimolos, or close this amazing day with a sunset dinner at a seafront restaurant in Sifnos before we head back to port.
  • The stops of the route are neither mandatory nor exclusive. You are the one to decide if you want to stay more at your favorite spot and skip another one. Sometimes it also happens that during the tour we tell you about a place you really would like to visit. We can make it happen right away.
  • At every stop you are free to choose what you want to do. You may need to take a quick morning swim and then eat our delicious energizing snacks, or you choose to sunbathe and listen to music on board while your friends explore the beach. It is up to you! We are there to help you have the time of your life.
  • We will let you know when it is time to leave for the next stop. If you would like to stay for more, we will reschedule your day on the spot.



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    Our vision

    What do you dream of when you hear about Summer in Greece? The Greek sun, the clear waters of the Aegean, white beaches, and an intoxicating desire to live the moment to the fullest. This desire drives us too!

    Make the full of your day in Milos

    Imagine being in the middle of sunset-lit orange-turquoise waters, the boat slightly rocking, chill music playing, enjoying a drink after a day full of new images, sensations and experiences.

    “Enjoy privately the best destination in Greece”


    The Captain


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