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Kleftiko – Sikia Boat Tour | HALF DAY

Kleftiko – Sikia Boat Tour | HALF DAY

Kleftiko – Sikia Boat Tour | HALF DAY

With this tour you visit the southern parts of Milos where the most beautiful places are. Gerakas beach, the caves coastline of Tsigrado, these fantastic spots will come before the two highlights: Kleftiko and Sikia cave! Kleftiko is the most well-known sight of Milos with its stunning rocks and formations, and Sikia, the roofless cave we enter with the boat, will be the perfect closure to an unforgettable day.

There will be traditional freshly made mouthwatering snacks for you to refuel during the day, and wine/beer/cocktails. Towels are given by us to use & take home, and with our drone and action camera you can take videos and pictures. All this content will be sent to you afterwards for free!

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Thiorichia / Sulfur Mines beach, Milos

The old sulfur mines of Milos island were located on this beach, and nowadays you can see the ruins and only imagine what could it look like back then. Dive in the sulfur-golden waters of this beach and feel the memories of this historic place on your skin! You may be able to locate some thermal spots in the water, if you are looking out for bubbles.

Gerakas beach, Milos

A few hundred meters before Kleftiko, there is a secluded beach called Gerakas. This is the favorite spot of the captain! Inaccessible from the land, we are sure that its white sandy beach and thermal water bubbly spots, will amaze you too!

Tsigrado beach, Milos

The famous Tsigrado beach is mostly known for the intricate way to reach it from the land! People have to climb down a narrow pass between the rock and then down a small wooden ladder, in order to reach the beach. But you will be able to enjoy the beach and snorkel to the little caves around it and watch the climbers safely from afar!

Kleftiko, Milos

The signature spot of Milos, Kleftiko is a unique testimony of nature’s ability for otherworldly creations. It is a cluster of volcanic white rocks that emerge from the crystalline waters of the Aegean. Its natural caves and hideouts, only accessible by boat, were used as lairs by the Aegean pirates!

Sikia cave, Milos

A large cave with a large hole looking at the sky, accessible only from water. Only agile boats, such as a Salty Rides' powerboat, can enter the cave. Its name means “fig tree” and comes from a tree that hangs over the opening at the top! As this is a very popular spot, we will visit it later in the day, when all other boats will have left!

Included & Excluded


  • Private ride
  • Captain
  • One of our Seafighter Rib boats
  • Goods & services tax & liability insurance
  • Delicious local vegetarian food choices, fresh and homemade
  • Beers, cocktails, one bottle of Greek white wine, water bottles, coke, juice
  • Nespresso Coffee only on Premium Boats
  • WiFi
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • SUP, sea scooter, other sea toys
  • WiFi & music, or bring your playlist
  • Drone & action camera 
  • Complementary short video of your day
  • Windproof jackets
  • Fresh fast-dry beach towels for you to use & take home


  • Gratuity or tip
  • Fuel cost (ESTIMATION: 300€ for Standard Boats and 350€ for Premium Boats)

Extra Services

You can add to your tour any of the choices below during booking process:

What do I need to bring?

  • Swimsuits, one is never enough!
  • Sun protection. Please use sea environment friendly sunscreen.
  • Your sunglasses, the sun is strong

What not to bring:

  • Beach towel, we provide fresh fast-dry towels you can use & take with you after the tour!

Please note

  • Infants must sit on your lap
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or people with fear of speed/water, or children under one year old
  • Plenty of shade is provided during stops with an extra soft top cover we place on. Please notice that unavoidably there will be some exposure to the sun during the tour.
  • You are required to take off your footwear in order to enter the boat

Cancellation policy

  • In the event of cancellation of the charter by the client for any reason in less than 30 days before the tour, there is a cancellation fee of 30% of the total price. In the event of cancellation of the charter by the client in more than 30 days before the tour, the whole amount will be refunded (3% processing fees apply).

See more details about Terms and Cancellation Policy, here.



Kleftiko – Sikia Boat Tour | HALF DAY

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