Photo shooting on board

Whether you are planning your wedding in Milos and would like a marvelous unique wedding photo shooting, or you simply would like to take up a notch your holidays photo album, this is the extra you should choose to add to your tour. Photos on board or underwater, diving or simply posing on the sunbed, what you can imagine will be possible. With our expert on capturing photos in sea environment on board with us – who is also a local and we consider him family – you should expect nothing more than an unforgettable experience to take home with you.


Group size: Any
Combine: With any tour!
Duration: 1 hour, or under arrangement


  1. Expert photographer on board
  2. Photo shooting on the boat or in the water. The photographer will guide you on how to take the best shots. Prepare for a pro experience!
  3. A digital photo album will be sent within a week after the tour via email

Price of service

add this extra during booking process

What makes it special

  • Feel like a superstar as you take different poses - and the photographer will give you some extra tips to take them on another level.
  • You get to bring any outfit you like. Is it a wedding dress, a fabulous dress/suit, an extravagant swimsuit, or even a crazy costume? This is your time to shine in it.
  • You will get to share on social the best photos, and you can leave the task to someone else. Just be you & relax!

Photo shooting on board