Kid Friendly Pack

Travelling with small kids can be challenging. Α boat tour with Salty Rides can transform a challenge to a one in a lifetime experience for the whole family! The powerboat itself and the ride will thrill the older children who will be asking for more, while the younger ones will find a lot to occupy themselves with: jumping into the water from the boat, playing with our sea toys, or watching the ever-going sea life underneath with full-face masks and fins.

And you? You will find some free time to pumper yourselves and enjoy your company, while our hostess makes sure that small children stay occupied and happy.

Life vests for youngsters are provided and shall be worn at all times.

Ask us how we will make your tour with children safe and enjoyable for all!


Group size: Up to 3 kids, age 0-9
Combine: With any tour
Duration: For the whole ride


  1. Extra personnel on board to provide help with younger kids
  2. Large water guns
  3. Kid friendly food choices (juice, cake, fruit, fresh homemade cheese pies)
  4. Kid size masks & fins
  5. Kid size life vests
  6. Toiletries for babies/small children
  7. Water & beach toys for small children

Price of service

add this extra during booking process

What makes it special

  • Your kids having a blast means that you do also. And we make sure that they do!
  • You do not have to worry for anything on board: just ask us and we will provide (upon availability)
  • You create memories with your family that will last a lifetime!

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